Dirty Carpet? Two foolproof steps for a cleaner carpet

Carpet cleaning is usually simpler than you may think. At times, it can be hassle free. There are just two key steps to cleaning your carpet. It is recommended that you clean your carpet thoroughly every 12-18 months. The following procedures are recommended as well for cleaning rugs purchased from French Accents. So let's get on with it and learn to start cleaning! 

"See a spill? Calm down and grab a dry absorbent cloth!"

"See a spill? Calm down and grab a dry absorbent cloth!"


Step One: See a spill? Calm down and grab a dry absorbent cloth! You don't have to get very particular with this step, many household tools can do the job but blotting liquids with a DRY absorbent cloth or plain white paper towels are recommended. Food spills may need to be scooped with a spoon or any other tool equivalent to it, you can get creative with the procedures. Remember to clean an affected area immediately, the longer the spill/stain sits there, the harder it will be to clean. Using colored materials to clean may transfer to your carpet so use with caution if it is the only available resource at hand. Last but not least, don't scrub using any tool with hard bristles or anything equivalent, it will damage your rug that was once beautiful.  

Step two is simple, treat the stain with any carpet cleaning products you may have or find at a retailer near you. The Carpet and Rug Institute has a good selection of cleaning products. For example, if you used a spot lifter. The key is less is more, rugs aren't metal, they are more susceptible to damage the more you dabble it with chemicals. Make sure you read the directions clearly. If you're unsure, consult a professional carpet cleaner near you.  


It is recommended to continually vacuum your rug for dust, pet hair and any other residue. Be careful about using steam cleaners when dealing with urine spots (pet owners), it will make the stain smell, rinsing with cool water will reduce the odor. Don't hesitate to contact us anytime regarding cleaning our rugs, we're here to help!