French Accents

Designer: Robert Passal

Designer: Robert Passal

Custom Rug Capabilities

With manufacturing facilities around the world, under our supervision, we can ensure that every hand knotted rug are up to industry standards. Along with our existing exclusive designs, we offer custom rug capabilities for individuals who may need to alter the size or design motifs ranging from texture to color. Unlimited possibilities with our custom rug service. However, if you are in search of a special rug that is not available in our collection, rest assured, we house the most talented designers as well as assign the most capable and talented artisan to weave our rugs to satisfy every requirement. From the design down to the quality of the fiber, anything is possible with our custom rug requests. We welcome commercial and residential projects.




For over two decades, we have emphasized texture, and color with a focus on design as the recipe to our success. Our commitment to excellence derives from a deep appreciation for the classical aesthetics, we've accumulated the knowledge of traditional weaving techniques in order to reconcile those principles in creating new trends that reflect contemporary aesthetics. In collaboration with our in-house design team, our trendsetting rugs are a reflection of our expertise in texture, color, and design. The goal is not only to create a beautiful rug that caters to our customer's requirements but a work of art that has meaning and substance and will last to test the time of new trends.